The Secret to Restore Gut Health

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Communication and Collaboration: The Secret to Restore Gut Health

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Paige and Steven talk with Dr Zach Bush, a triple board certified Physician, Researcher, Humanitarian, and amazing human being.

Dr Zach Bush MD was President of his medical school class at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and later became Chief Resident for the department of Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. Over the last 12 years Dr. Bush has continued to further his medical and basic science knowledge.  He is one of the rare physicians in the nation that is triple board certified, having completed training and certification in three fields, including Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice and Palliative care. He has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the areas of infectious disease, endocrinology, and cancer.

How do we restore Gut Health?  What is involved in Leaky Gut and Inflammation?  What role does the Microbiome and Mitochondria play in our health?

There are two types of Inflammation: acute and chronic. Not all Inflammation is bad; in fact, the process of injury and regeneration through acute Inflammation is life-giving and part of optimal health and peak performance.  But when things don’t resolve as planned, chronic inflammation occurs. Most epidemics happening in the world are linked to this undesirable shift from acute to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation depletes our coping reservoirs of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory remediators.

In fact, chronic stress and inflammation are linked, resulting in the eventual lack of proper cellular communication.  Dr Bush’s research group is focusing on this crucial aspect of cellular communication and how to mitigate the “Tower of Babel” ( miscommunication that occurs in chronic inflammation). Through an excellent cell phone analogy, Dr Bush explains how we get fragmented, break communication, and end up in disrepair.

So we need to restore cellular communication between our cells and the trillions of cells that are NOT us (our Microbiome), and encourage a smooth symbiotic communication network!  How big is the Microbiome? The numbers are staggering…listen in! Further, how amazing and huge is the number of our Mitochondria, the energy factories contained in our bodies?  Looking at the numbers, we are barely 1-2% human. We are a small part of a huge system.  

Real pearls here as Dr Bush states: “We have a huge disconnect between the reality we live today and the medicine we practice.  We’ve never been sicker than we have been in the last 100 years.”  Truly, the future is in communication and collaboration.

What causes gut damage?  Dr Bush refers to the important work he and many of his colleagues are doing together and, specifically, he cites his partner, John Gildea, PhD, Chief Science Advisor at Restore. Dr John Gildea has established an extraordinary curriculum vitae and reputation through his work in both academic and private sector science positions over the last 20 years. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, and the research director at the multi-million dollar Felder Core Laboratory.

In 2012 they realized that the impact of gut permeability comes back to the communication network discussed earlier.  The concept of redox, a combination of reduction and oxidation, creates a domino effect crucial to this “wireless communication.” All cells have the ability to repair but need this communication network to get things done. This is fascinating information. Fast forward to work done in his private practice, where he observed that despite eating super healthy food, many patients were often getting worse…could there be something in the food or soil at cause?

Ironically, his focus had never been on the soil itself. Now that is the primary focus of his group’s research.  

In 2012, they found a large carbon backbone molecule in the soil that had redox potential. For years we have looked to plants as our medicines, but is this healing ability, this communication potentiality, actually in the soil? Yes! With the team’s invention of Restore, gut bacteria now have a fluid communication tool,  a soil-based product created from an extract carbon-based redox signaling molecule  (see

Their research focuses on what this wireless communication intelligence (available now in Restore) can do when it gets back into the intestinal environment.

So we can eat healthy food, but for optimal health, we should rebuild the communication of the different species living within us…. our cells, our mitochondria, and the trillions of bacteria of our Microbiome.

The life force of our topsoil was devastated post-WWII with the petroleum-based fertilizer products and monoculture practices. Testing reveals that these practices did not produce healthier food.  The monoculture in our fields created a monoculture in our gut. By the 1980s we had become vulnerable in our guts. Little did we know our farming practices had caused the loss of the “wireless communication network” referred to earlier. Further insult to our gut health was the proliferation and excessive use of antibiotics, which cause extraordinary destruction of our Microbiome.  We have a fraction of the diversity in our microbiome that we had 100 years ago… a major cause of the shift from acute to chronic inflammation and the epidemics we face today as a result.

Our guts became vulnerable due to our disregard for the ecosystem around us, ultimately damaging  the ecosystem within us. Petroleum-based fertilizers and the rapid rise of antibiotics played a huge part, but Dr Bush discusses the dangers of glyphosate being used indiscriminately all over the world as possibly the biggest threat to gut health.  In fact, the motive for GMO crops was to generate more sales for Roundup and glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup now off patent protection) products.  We were part of the problem and we ultimately must be part of the solution.

What to do to improve gut health? Where to start?  Glyphosate is like kryptonite to the tight junctions in the gut and the gut bacteria and their communication network.  70 percent of the immune system resides in the gut and the intestinal membrane.

Step 1: Education-  Be an outsider! Breathe in a variety of environmental diversity and get in touch with the ecosystem- pull weeds!

Step 2: Turn back the clock 50 million years and restore our cellular communication network with Restore, the redox product described above.

Step 3: Where do probiotics fit in?  Ferment at Home:  Perhaps they are a bandaid compared to fixing the network. Make your own Wild probiotic foods, which enhance biodiversity of the gut species and is much preferred to off-the-shelf probiotics.

The bigger mission?  Mother Earth and her Grace.  She has hidden deep in ancient soil beds a solution revealing the antidote to our insanity.  The proceeds from sales of Restore are channeled into projects to heal the earth and its people. Exciting stuff!

The gut is all about exquisite communication.   Key takeaway:  If you have sufficient gut communication, you will be resilient.  
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Note:  Earn and Learn!  Listen and Like, Care and Share!
Enjoy this great information and use Coupon Code RESTORE15 to save now at

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