The Conference Call Workout- How to get more out of your weekly conference calls. #AskCasio

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How to get more out of your weekly conference calls. If you have other questions to ask, you may use #AskCasio in Facebook or Twitter.

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Steven Klein
Steven has been a health and wellness enthusiast since his teenage years, constantly seeking information to “live better”. That yearning grew from an interest in the “physical” to also include the “spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of life” - Optimal Health and Peak Performance.But what drives Steven is his frustration of seeing motivated health seekers source garbage information, making them doomed for failure despite their efforts, Herculean as they may be. It may sound cliche, but after surviving getting hit head-on by a car going the wrong way on the interstate, Steven realized he was here for a reason. He just couldn’t figure it out for a few years even though it was right in front of him the whole time.

…...Ultimately, that led to Steven’s personal mission statement: To share accurate health and wellness information, optimal nutrition information, and innovative solutions for peak performance, Mind, Body, and Spirit, with motivated health seekers.
That personal mission statement became the mission statement of Healthy Fit Club.
Somewhere along that journey, Steven became an expert at connecting people by adding value whenever possible.