Should You Have Wine With Dinner?

Marc Vitorillo Paige Clarke, Steven Klein Leave a Comment

Is it healthy to drink wine at dinner or at night?

Some of the ingredients in wine like resveratrol have been linked to anti-aging, but we’d have to drink about 60 glasses of wine to reap the resveratrol benefits. There are supplements you can take with exponentially higher amounts of resveratrol.

In a recent study, 3 different groups were measured for health markers:

  • 1st Group: People who didn’t drink wine at all
  • 2nd Group: People who drank wine, but didn’t eat (for the period before and after testing).
  • 3rd Group: People who drank wine during dinner

Results of the study: The Group with the healthiest markers was the 3rd Group: People who drank wine during dinner.

Wine provides anti-oxidants. For most people eating is one of the most stressful activities we engage in. There is a constant onslaught on our immune system.
Not only with the antioxidants in wine help in that onslaught, most people seem to relax a little when they drink wine, which leads to eating at a slower pace, which is also healthy. So have yourself a glass of wine with dinner!

Marc Vitorillo
Marc Vitorillo