Healthy Fit Club on TFNN: Living a Primal Lifestyle 18-02-13

Marc Vitorillo Living A Primal Lifestyle, Nico de Haan, Paige Clarke

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Nico and Paige discuss raising children with optimal health. Which foods are best after weaning from breast milk? What builds the best brains?Perhaps meat and bones are best as a next move according to a lecture at the Ancestral Health Symposium. healthy animal foods means quality sourcing including knowing the difference between pastured free range animals and confined conventionally fed animals.

Join the conversation with Nico de Haan and Paige Clarke of “Living a Primal Lifestyle” where we explore a return to a more balanced, natural, wild world…to recover our natural health, and regain our rights and freedoms.

Marc Vitorillo
Marc Vitorillo