Healthy Fit Club on TFNN: Living a Primal Lifestyle 17-11-30

Marc Vitorillo Living A Primal Lifestyle, Nico de Haan, Paige Clarke

#GrandSolarMinimum #Adapt2030 #Cryptocurrency #Ankorus

Nico and Paige speak with the fascinating David DuByne of Adapt 2030 to discuss the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum. We are all in this together. What role might cryptocurrency play in our future with the coming food shortages? Grab a piece of the action with the upcoming Bitcoin Futures and cross the bridge connecting crytocurrency and traditional financial assets seamlessly via the platform. See launch incentives at their site!

Join the conversation with Nico de Haan and Paige Clarke of “Living a Primal Lifestyle” where we explore a return to a more balanced, natural, wild world…to recover our natural health, and regain our rights and freedoms.

Marc Vitorillo
Marc Vitorillo