Find Out Why Sweeteners Are Not So Sweet For You

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Let’s start off by just describing some of the “sweets” that should be completely eliminated from your diet. Any of the little sweetener packets like Equal, Splenda, Sweet ‘n Low have got to go!

Now, you may see Stevia in the raw or Truvia these days. Stevia in the raw is a good choice, but the other uses genetically modified ingredients, so steer clear.

In nature, you’ll find Stevia from the stevia plant. Make sure that you get unprocessed stevia. Two other great choices for natural sweeteners are Luo Han and raw unheated local honey (ask your supplier for raw and unheated).

Other natural sweeteners are Erythritol and Xylitol which are sugar alcohols, but xylitol does not break down like sugar and helps keep bacteria from sticking to teeth. Those last 2 can give loose stools, commonly referred to as “disaster pants” so you may want to start with lower amounts and wean yourself off. Agave Nectar is heated and processed differently than stevia or honey. It is stressful on the body and should be avoided.

We’d recommend you stay away from sugar, but if you must partake, we recommend raw cane sugar in very small doses. Top choices for sweeteners are raw unheated local honey with lots of enzymes and B-Vitamins and stevia from a credible source.

Marc Vitorillo
Marc Vitorillo