Emu-K2-You – A Return to Ancestral Food

Steven Klein Paige Clarke

Paige Clarke has introduced me (Steven Klein) to some amazing people and shared incredible sources of information for optimal health and peak performance. The video above is no exception, as Paige and I had the privaledge to interview Dr Will Schlinsog, the exclusive importer of WalkAbout Emu Oil. As you’ll see in the video, this isn’t just any Emu Oil. It’s health benefits are extraordinary, and something that I now recommend to everyone. We don’t sell Walkabout Emu Oil, but we will provide a link to their website, where you can purchase it for yourself: https://walkabouthealthproducts.com/

Key points discussed by Dr Schlinsog include:
How Dr Schlinsog was introduced to Walkabout Emu Oil
The richest source of K2 and it’s role with optimizing Calcium
Emus and Aboriginals and their coexistance.
Healing ability for bone related injuries – breaks and fractures.
The Story of the Emu and Dr Schlinsog’s visit to the Outback last year
Including anecdote from Dr Schlinsog’s wife Liz and Sally Fallon from Weston A Price.
Numerous benefits and treatments of/for Walkabout Emu Oil including:
How Walkabout Emu Oil Cleared 98% of arterial blockage completely
Celiac Disease
Psoriasis and Eczema
The Gut/Brain Connection
MK7 vs MK4 (Vitamin K2)
References to Fred Hatfield and Jack Krus
What Dr Will does for optimal health?
Sourcing high quality grass-fed beef
Telomere study based on Walkabout Emu Oil
Emu oil for pets?
Walkabout Emu Oil is the Best Fat! You can literally live on it!
Where does cancer come from? – will be a separate interview with Dr Schlinsog

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